Evaluation (english)

You have now completed the method. The following is a short evaluation. On the one hand it can help you to reflect how you can possibly learn even better in the future, on the other hand I use the evaluation to improve the method and website.

If you fill out the questions, you agree to the processing of the data for research purposes. You can find more information below.

Evaluation ResT-Tool - english

Information on data protection

The dissertation project to whose research you are contributing aims to develop handouts for students in research processes. To that end, the above questions will be collected.

No personal data about you will be collected. At no time is it possible to assign the collected data to individual study participants. All information collected in the course of the research will be treated confidentially and will only be used by the researcher in the context of the ongoing study. The storage and analysis of this study-related data is carried out in accordance with legal requirements and on German servers. Responsible for the analysis and storage of the data is Jennifer Preiß, Hamburger Zentrum für universitäres Lehren und Lernen, Universität Hamburg (contact: jennifer.preiss@uni-hamburg.de).

Participation in the research project is entirely voluntary. By submitting the data, you agree to the use of the data for research purposes.